About Us

Our Head Office

Müster e Dikson is one of the world’s only true research and development companies in the beauty industry. Located just outside of Milan, Italy, its products have been sold in over 70 countries around the world since 1975. Our main production facility is distributed over 6 plants on an area covering 60,000 square meters. The Müster division manufactures some of the highest quality salon equipment and appliances in the industry. The Dikson division is famous for its research and development of the finest hair color and professional products in the world. Our laboratory and production plant maintains a continuing program of chemical and biological research committed to serving the professional hair stylist.

Dikson North America

Müster e Dikson prides itself in continuing to bring the European tradition of quality cosmetology arts to our customers through its North American Division. The European tradition of Cosmetology arts recognizes that quality and consistency are essential in the professional’s daily work. These traits are founded in a solid education. For this reason, we have devised an extensive and comprehensive educational program to support both schools and salons that aspire to build a reputation of excellence. These educational efforts are further supported through our Advanced Educational Center located just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the Dikson Technical Hotline and through your local Dikson Distributor.

The General Manager of Dikson North America is Mark Ryman. Our education specialist who will be traveling and demonstrating our products and his artistic flair at various venues is Carlos López.